Danny Ward playing drumkit


Dubble D

Dubble D is Manchester-based drummer and producer Danny Ward.

Danny has worked with a wide range of artists, from live electronic band 2020Soundsystem to renowned jazz musicians Gilad Atzmon and Jim Mullen. He has also worked as musical director and percussionist for both Rae & Christian and AIM on tour and has produced with notable artists such as Fila Brazilia, Only Child, Veba, Chapter & the Verse and The Pharcyde.

Dubble D's album, Reachin' Out, bears witness to Danny's many years of live and studio experience, and draws on his love of a variety of musical genres: jazz, house, hip hop, reggae and soul. The album shows Danny's skill both as a collaborator, working with a variety of guest artists, and as a songwriter on his solo tracks.

For sample tracks of Dubble D's latest album Playin' Out, visit MySpace

Playin' Out
Reachin' Out
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